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  • 17 September 2023
  • News

LIBERTY Speciality Steels recruited 22 new apprentices

LIBERTY Speciality Steels recruited 22 new apprentices

LIBERTY Specialty Steels has recently welcomed 22 apprentices to join the company this year. They will cover a wide range of roles – Materials and Electrical Engineering Degree Apprentices, CNC Machinist Apprentices, as well as Mechanical and Electrical apprentices, Health and Safety, and IT apprentices. They’ll all be based in South Yorkshire, with the support of educational partners Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield College, and QDOS Training Limited.

LIBERTY Steel UK has a longstanding tradition of offering apprenticeship programmes for students. This presents a significant opportunity for many of them to embark on prosperous careers in the manufacturing sector, serving as examples to attract more young individuals to this industry.

Mick Hood, HR Director for LIBERTY Steel UK said: “I am absolutely sure that apprenticeship programs make a big difference. They’re not just about filling job roles; they’re about making our industry better. Apprenticeships help us grow, learn, and innovate. They’re like the building blocks for a stronger manufacturing sector. And we are proud to play a key role in achieving this goal.

Apprenticeships benefit young people in several ways. Firstly, apprentices get practical, hands-on training that allows them to acquire valuable industry-specific skills. Apprenticeships provide them an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, receive mentorship, and develop a strong foundation for their future careers. As a result, apprentices gain a deep understanding of their chosen field, which enhances their employability and career prospects. If apprentices are dedicated to the path they’ve chosen, their stable future is secured. Additionally, young people get the chance to earn while they learn, as they receive a salary during their training period”.


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