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Premium Quality Steel Plate

Product Range

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General Structural Steel

LIBERTY Steel Dalzell manufactures steel plate which is used for a variety of applications in the construction industry – such as fabricated and rolled steel at airports, power stations, and alike. Its European grade steels have all the relevant CE marking which make them compliant to the relevant construction codes and requirements, enabling their use in EN 1090 systems.

In addition, LIBERTY Steel Dalzell is rolling plates for manufacturers of structural hollow sections (SHS), which can also be processed further based on client requirements.


European British German French American
EN10025-2 BS4360 DIN 17100 Werkstoff NFA 35-501 ASTM SAE
S235 JR(G2) 40(A) B RSt 37-2 1.0037 E24-2 A284 Gr. C, D, A36 1015
S235 J0 40C St37-3U 1.0114 E 24-3
S235J2+N (G3) 40D St 37-3 N 1.0116 E24-4
S275 JR 43(A) B ST 44-2 1.0044 E 28-2 A572 Gr. 42, A573 Gr 70 1020
S 275 JO 43 C St44-3U 1.0143 E 28-3
S275 J2+N (G3) 43 D St 44-3N 1.0144 E 28-4
S 355 JR 50 B 1.0045 E 36-2 A529 Gr 50, 55, A572 Gr. 50, A656 Gr 50
A709 Gr 50
S 355 J0 50 C St 52-3 U 1.0553 E 36-3
S 355 J2+N (G3) 50 D St 52-3 N 1.0570 E 36-3 A633 Gr C, D 1024
S 355J2G4* 1.0577 A52 FP
S 355K2+N (G3) 50 DD 1.0595 E 36 -4
S 355K2G4* 50 EE 1.0596

Normalised Structural Steel

LIBERTY’s normalised steels are produced following the EN Standards and are CPR certified. Carrying the relevant CE markings, these materials are used in more arduous applications in the construction industry – such as bridges.

LIBERTY Steel Dalzell’s normalised steels are independently tested to ensure complete compliance with customer’s demanding end use.

European British German French American
EN10025-3 (EN 10113) BS4360 DIN 17102 Werkstoff NFA 35-201 ASTM SAE
S275N 43DD StE 285 1.0486 A633 A
S275NL 43EE TStE285 1.0488
S355N 50DD StE 355 1.0562 E355 R A633 C
S355NL 50EE TStE 355 1.0566 E355 FP
S420N StE 420 1.8902 E420 R A633 E
S420NL TStE420 1.8912 E420 FP
S460N 55C StE 460 1.8905 E460 R A633 E
S460NL 55EE TStE460 1.8915 E460 FP

Pressure Vessel Steel

A wide range of Pressure Vessel steels are available from LIBERTY Steel Dalzell. The business supplies predominantly materials compliant to EN 10028 in non-alloy, alloy and normalised grades. These are manufactured and certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive where required.

Materials for Pressure Vessels, OCGT raw plates and process pipelines are supplied to a variety of specifications and customer requirements, such as ASME, ASTM and API, to name a few.

European British German French American
EN10028-2 BS1501 DIN 17155 Werkstoff NFA 36-205 ASTM SAE
P235 GH 141,151,154,161, 164-360 HI 1.0345 A37 CP A285 Gr. A
P265 GH 141,151,161,164-400 HII 1.0425 A42 CP A455
P295 GH 224-460B LT20 17Mn4 1.0481 A48 CP A515 70
P355 GH 19Mn6 1.0473 A52 CP A537 70
16Mo3 243 B 15Mo3 1.5415 15D3 A204 A
EN10028-3 BS1501 DIN 17102 Workstoff NFA 36-205 ASTM SAE
P275N 224 400A LT20 StE 285 1.0486 A516 70
P275NH 224 400B LT20 WStE 285 1.0487 A516 70
P275NL1 224 400A LT50 TStE 285 1.0488
P275NL2 224 400A LT50 EStE 285 1.1104 A510 AP
P355N 225 490A LT20 StE 355 1.0562 A510 AP A537 Cl1
P355NH 225 490B LT20 WStE 355 1.0565 A510 AP A537 Cl1
P355NL1 225 490A LT50 TStE 355 1.0566 A510 AP
P355NL2 225 490A LT50 EStE 355 1.1106
P460N StE 460 1.8905 A590 AP
P460NH WStE 460 1.8935 A590 AP
P460NL1 TStE 460 1.8915 A590 AP
P460NL2 EStE 460 1.8918



European British German French American
EN10025-2 BS4360 DIN 17100 Werkstoff NFA 35-501 ASTM SAE
S275M 43DD StE 285 1.0486 A633 A
S275ML 43EE TStE285 1.0488
S355M 50DD StE 355 TM 1.0562 E355 R A633 C
S355ML 50EE TStE 355 TM 1.0566 E355 FP
S420M StE 420 TM 1.8902 E420 R A633 E
S420ML TStE420 TM 1.8912 E420 FP
S460M 55C StE 460 TM 1.8905 E460 R A633 E
S460ML 55EE TStE460 TM 1.8915 E460 FP

Weathering Steel Equivalents

European British German French American
EN10025-2 BS4360 DIN 17100 Werkstoff NFA 35-501 ASTM SAE
S235J0W WR40B 1.8958 E24W-3
S235J2W WTSt 37-3 1.8961 E24W-4
S355J0W WR50B 1.8959 E36W-B3 A709 50W
S355J2G1W WR50C WTSt 52-3 1.8963 E36W-B4 A709 50W
S355K2G1W 1.8966 A709 50W

Shipbuilding Steels

LIBERTY Steel Dalzell offers hot rolled plates to national, international and classification society grades to the marine and shipbuilding markets. Plate materials supplied are used in all aspects of maritime transport for vessels as well as infrastructure such as off-shore replenishment vessels and naval defence.

The materials are offered in a range of rolling conditions to be able to provide shipbuilding and fabrication yards with the most appropriate solution for their welding and qualified procedures.

Common ASTM A131 GOST 5521 JIS G3126 IS 3039 Norske
A A A SLA 235A A S275JR
B B B SLA 235B B S275J0
D D, DS D D S275J2G3
E CS, E E S275 Imp@-40
AH36 AH36 A32 NVA36 S355J0
DH36 DH36 D32 NVD36 S355J2G3
EH36 EH36 A36 SLA 360 NVE36 S355 Imp@-40
FH36 D36 SLA 360 S355 Imp@-60


Can we help? Castings production tradition dates back to 1951. Long term experience in castings production is currently used for production of demanding grey iron and nodular iron castings for metallurgical and engineering companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. The operation unit includes also a pattern shop and scales treatment center. The unit obtained product certificates from Bureau Veritas for the entire product range and Lloyd's Register for grey iron and nodular iron castings with a piece weight up to 15 000 kg.

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