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Advanced Machining Centre

Engineered from concept to complex component

LIBERTY Speciality Steels has established an on-site state of the art machining centre. This complements our steel offering and adds value by moving downstream.

We have the ability to deliver projects from initial concept right through to finished components serving sectors as diverse as Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Yellow Goods, Construction, Industrial Machinery and General Engineering.

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The current manufacturing capability covers:

  • Horizontal turning capability is 480mm in diameter x 2m in length
  • Vertical turning capability is 920mm in diameter x 800mm in length
  • Horizontal and vertical milling up to 3m long, 800mm wide and 720mm high
  • Internal and external cylinder grinding up to 1.6m long
  • Latest in on board, CMM and comparator checking
  • Leading edge tool holding and work holding

Fully certified to meet aerospace customer requirements.


We have the ability to source and manufacture a wide range of materials from our own manufacturing capability and through our own in-house service centres.

Typical materials sourced and manufactured include carbon, alloy, tool and stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium alloys.


AS 9100 Rev D, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

The heart of the factory

Mazak I-400ST (Multi-tasking mill/turn)

With 12” main chuck and a 10” second spindle plus lower turret the I-400ST features a large machining area and high accuracy performance, long strokes for large workpiece capacity and unsurpassed versatility thanks to B-Axis and C-Axis contouring, full simultaneous 5-Axis operation.

Chuck size ( Main / Second ) 12” / 10”
Max. machining diameter (Upper turret) 650mm (25.9”)
Max. machining diameter (Lower turret) 420mm (16.5”)
Maximum machining length *1 1519mm (59.8”)
Travel ( X / Y / Z ) 615 / 250 / 1585mm (24.2”/9.8”/62.4”)
Travel ( W / B ) 1539mm (60.6”) / -30o to 210o
Max. spindle speed 4,000rpm (main), 3,000rpm (second), 12,000rpm (milling )
Bar feed 102mm diameter x 1500mm length 70bar high pressure thru coolant
Mazak VTC800/30SR (5 – axis milling)

The VTC800/30SR allows for multiple – face milling and 5 – axis simultaneous machining thanks to the 110o swinging 18,000rpm spindle.

Table Size 3500 x 820mm (137.8” x 32.3”)
Travel ( X / Y / Z ) 3000 / 800 / 720mm
(118.1” / 31.5” / 28.3”)
Travel (B / C) -110o to 110o / 360
Max. spindle speed 18,000rpm
Fanuc Robodrill (5-axis milling)

The Robodrill a-DIA series is a high performance, compact axis/vertical machining centre capable of machining operations like face milling, end milling and drilling.

Table Size 850mm x 410mm (33.5” x 16.1”)
Travel ( X / Y / Z ) 700 / 400 / 330mm
(27.6” / 15.7” / 13.0”)
Maximum load of table 300kg (660lbs)
Max. spindle speed 10,000rpm


Mazak Quick Turn 250mb

Chuck size main spindle 10”
Maximum swing 675mm (26.6”)
Maximum machining diameter 380mm (15”)
Rotating speed maximum 4,000 min-¹
Motor output (30 minute rating) 26.0 kW
Rotating speed maximum 6,000 min-¹
Number of tools 12 (all 12 can be driven)
Mill spindle motor output (10 minute rating) 5.5 kW
Travel (X / Z ) 230mm / 575mm (9.1” / 22.6”)
Equipped with Hydrafeed RoboJob Turn-Assist 180

20kg payload Workpiece size from 23mm – 180mm Diameter
Mazak Quick Turn 450M

Chuck size main spindle 18”
Maximum swing 845mm (33.3”)
Maximum machining diameter 580mm (22.8”)
Rotating speed maximum 2,000 min-¹
Motor output (30 minute rating) 37.0 kW
Number of tools 12 (all 12 can be driven)
Mill spindle motor output (10 minute rating) 7.5 kW
Travel (X / Z ) 350mm / 2,120mm (13.8” / 83.5”)
Mazak Mega Turn 900m

Chuck size main spindle 36”
Maximum swing 1000mm (39.4”)
Maximum machining diameter 920mm (36.22”)
Rotating speed maximum 800mm (31.5”)
Motor output (30 minute rating) 3,000kg (6614lb)
Number of tools 4,000 min-¹
Mill spindle motor output (10 minute rating) 12 (all 12 can be driven)
Travel (X / Z ) 470mm / 876mm (18.5” / 34.5”)
Doosan Puma 400LB

Turning Diameter 560mm
Chuck size 18”
Max. Turning Length 2000mm
Max. Bar Working Capacity 117mm
Max. Spindle Rotation Speed 2,000rpm
Doosan Puma 240

Chuck Size 8”
Max. spindle speed 3,600rpm
Travel (X / Z) 360 / 452mm (14.18” / 17.8”)
Churchill Omega 65

Chuck size 8”
Max. spindle speed 4,500rpm
Travel ( X / Z ) 380 / 500mm (15” / 19.7”)

Precision Grinding

Studer S41

Distance between centres 1600mm (63”)
Centre Height 225mm (8.9”)
Max. workpiece weight between centres 250kg (550lbs)
Max. travel ( X / Y ) 350mm (13.8”) / 1750mm ( 68.9”)
Speed ( X / Y ) 0.001 – 20,000mm/min (0.000,04 – 787inch/min)
Resolution ( X / Y ) 0.0001mm (0.000,000,4“)
Swivelling range -40o to +225o
Repetition accuracy < 1”
Swivelling time for 180° < 3 sec
Resolution 0.00005o

Inspection Room

Our dedicated temperature controlled inspection room has the following facilities:

Nikon CMM frame with Renishaw REVO Renscan5 head

Frame Nikon LK-V 20.12.10 Bridge Type
Head 5-Axis
Inspection Envelope

Length 1000mm (39.4”)
Width 800mm (31.5”)
Height 500mm (19.6”)
Accuracy MPE: 2.9µm + L/375
Baty R400 Shadowgraph

Measuring range 300mm x 150mm (12” x 6”)
0.5 mm resolution
Surface Illumination Yes
Keyence IM-7010

Field of view Wide-field measurement mode :
200 mm x 200 mm 7.87 × 7.87″ (4x R50)
High-precision measurement mode : 125 × 125 mm 4.92 × 4.92”
Minimum display unit 0.1 µm
Repetition accuracy W/o stage movement Wide-field measurement mode: ±1 µm
High-precision measurement mode: ±0.5 µm
With stage movement Wide-field measurement mode: ±2 µm
High-precision measurement mode: ±1.5 µm
Measurement accuracy (±2σ) W/o binding Wide-field measurement mode: ±5 µm *1
High-precision measurement mode: ±2 µm*2
With binding Wide-field measurement mode: ± (7+0.02 L) µm*3
High-precision measurement mode: ± (4+0.02L) µm*4

CNC Software

To support machine tools the AMC has invested in software which includes:

Solidworks: 3D design software Edgecam: CNC programming and toolpath generation software, full 5-axis capability Vericut: Tool path verification and the material removal process simulation, detecting errors in CNC programs. Sandvik InvoMilling: Process for machining gears and splines for small batch production and short lead times – benefits from 5-axis machining capability to produce different gear profiles with the same set of tools.
Full Toolroom facilities

• Manual turning, milling, surface grinding
• Programmable band saw

Other facilities

• Oven and Cryogenic assembly
• Nikon off-line tool presetter, tooling ID chip system
• Dot matrix part marking
• Ultrasonic part cleaning facility

Can we help? Castings production tradition dates back to 1951. Long term experience in castings production is currently used for production of demanding grey iron and nodular iron castings for metallurgical and engineering companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. The operation unit includes also a pattern shop and scales treatment center. The unit obtained product certificates from Bureau Veritas for the entire product range and Lloyd's Register for grey iron and nodular iron castings with a piece weight up to 15 000 kg.

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