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Aerospace Bar

Speciality Alloys for the Aerospace Industry

Producing high integrity alloys

For more than 60 years, LIBERTY Speciality Steels has developed an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of aerospace steels with systems and products approved by over 100 OEMs, primes and third party accreditations.

Our high integrity specialist steels are used in major commercial and military aerospace projects around the world, using tailored supply chain solutions.

A sincere commitment to quality and product excellence is underpinned by our philosophy of ‘right first time’ and continued investment in new technology.

Our products, delivered as ingot, bar and cut pieces in quantities from as little as 1kg, are used in the production of engine components, landing gear, controls, aerostructures and helicopter rotor components.

Our intent is to provide our customers with a truly bespoke offering, either direct from the mill or from one of our service centres.

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Product range

Name Description Specification Sheet
(E)15CDV6 A low carbon steel combining a high yield strength with toughness and weldability Click to download
(E)16NCD13 A low alloy, carburising, vacuum arc remelted steel available as case hardenable Click to download
A structural steel with good hardening properties for nitriding Click to download
AMS 5629
13%Cr 8%Ni precipitation hardening stainless steel Click to download
AMS 5643
/ AMS 5622
A precipitation hardening and martensitic stainless steel Click to download
AMS 5659
A precipitation hardening and martensitic stainless steel Click to download
AMS 5773
/ SF 450
Precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel for applications in challenging sectors Click to download
AMS 6260
/ 6265 (9310)
A carburising steel with high hardenability, core hardness, and fatigue strength Click to download
AMS 6415
/ 6414 (4340)
A fatigue-resistent alloy with high toughness and strength Click to download
AMS 6418 6425 (HY-TUF) Precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel for application in the Aerospace industries Click to download
AMS 6499 High strength steel suitable for carburising Click to download
BS S106 (HYKRO) 3% CrMo Nitriding Steel Click to download
BS S132 An alloy with high mechanical strength and hardenability Click to download
BS S155 (300M) A through-hardening, vacuum-melted alloy with outstanding strength Click to download
BS S156
/ S82
4% NiCrMo Case Hardening Steel Click to download
E4330M NiCrMoV hardened and tempered Click to download
EN36 (655M13) A carburising steel grade Click to download
Maraging 300 18% Ni Maraging Steel Click to download

Mill product capability

Ingots Square – 5.4T, 6.6T
Round (multi-fluted) – 6.1T, 8.3T, 12.8T
VAR – 4.3T, 5.9T, 8.2T
ESR – 4.3T
Round Cornered Squares
70 – 457mm sq
76 – 381mm dia
(larger forged sizes on request)
Width 100 – 500mm
Thickness 50 – 330mm
Turned Bar
70 – 450mm dia
Secondary Rolled Bright Bar
19 – 70mm dia


These specifications are only an indication of the comprehensive range we can supply or manufacture.

In addition, we produce and stock steels to customer specifications.

Specifications are related by nominal analysis only. The reference group may include both single and remelted grades to various mechanical property specifications achieved through differing heat treatments.

Quality approvals

Our quality management systems have been assessed by over 100 component and equipment manufacturers, end users, third parties and national bodies. Some of the relevant approvals include:

Customer Approvals

Airbus, Avio, BAe Systems, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Bombardier, Collins Aerospace, IHI, Israel Aerospace Industries, Leonardo, Liebherr, Lockheed Martin, Mettis Aerospace, NAVSEA, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Schaeffler, Siemens, SKF, Spirit Aerosystems, Thyssenkrupp, Triumph, Voestalpine BÖHLER, Wyman Gordon


ISO 9001:2008
AS9100 Rev C/BS EN 9100:2009
AS9120 Rev A/BS EN 9120:2010
BS EN ISO 17025 (testing)
Heat treatment
Material testing

Environmental Approval

ISO 14001: 2001V

Got a question?

We have a comprehensive technical support team available to advise on grade selection and product range to achieve the maximum benefit. Customer Technical support provide specialist advice and help with day-to-day problem solving.

Works based metallurgists and the full resources of our Steel Research and Development Laboratories are available to assist with longer-term developments.

For further information, enquiries or any technical guidance on our range of Aerospace products please contact our experts.

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Can we help? Castings production tradition dates back to 1951. Long term experience in castings production is currently used for production of demanding grey iron and nodular iron castings for metallurgical and engineering companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. The operation unit includes also a pattern shop and scales treatment center. The unit obtained product certificates from Bureau Veritas for the entire product range and Lloyd's Register for grey iron and nodular iron castings with a piece weight up to 15 000 kg.

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