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Oil & Gas Bar

Engineered for Extreme Environments

Speciality Steels for the Oil & Gas Industry

Within the Oil & Gas sector we produce the widest single range of steel types ranging from basic CrMo products such as AISI 4140, through more capable NiCrMo grades such as AISI 4330V to corrosion resistant stainless steel such as SF 13/2/5.

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Alloy Steels

Alloy – Heat Treated
Grade Related standards & specifications Summary of properties Specification Sheet
4130 NACE MR0175/ISO15156, API 6A Standard 0.3%C CrMo steel with good combination of strength and toughness Click to download
4140 NACE MR0175/ISO15156, API 6A Standard 0.4%C CrMo steel for use at higher strength levels Click to download
4140 Mod NACE MR0175/ISO15156, API 6A Enhanced hardenability version of 4140 for larger section sizes Click to download
4145H Mod API 7-1 Enhanced hardenability version of 4145 for larger section sizes, suitable for drill collars Click to download
F22 ASTM A182, UNSK21590, NACE MR0175, ISO 5156 Weldable steel with good low temperature toughness
8630 Mod NACE MR0175, ISO 15156 High strength alloy steel with good low temperature toughness
4330V AMS 6427, ASTM A646,AMS 4330M, UNS K23080 High strength, high toughness, low alloy steel for oil tool applications Click to download
EN30B BS970 – 1955 835, M30 – BS970 Pt11983 High strength alloy, combined with good impact properties
4340 ASTM A434 High strength alloy steel
9CrMo1 ASTM A199, ASTM A213, NACE MR0175, ISO  5156 High strength alloy steel with corrosion resistance superior to the 41xx series Click to download
HyPer Grades
Grade Related standards & specifications Summary of properties Specification Sheet
HyPer30 TM0177 – Method A A high performance low alloy steel grade with improved corrosion resistance Click to download
HyPer45 High strength alloy with impact properties @-20°C
HyPer 30V 165ki yield strength with impact properties at room temperature (23°C) Click to download

Stainless Steels

Grade Related standards & specifications Summary of properties Specification Sheet
410 UNS S41000, ASTM A276, ASTM A479, NACE MR0175, ISO 15156 13% Cr steel with high strength and better corrosion resistance than alloy steels Click to download
420 mod UNS S42000, NACE MR0175/ISO15156 Lower ferrite 13%Cr steel for improved corrosion resistance and enhanced workability Click to download
SF13/2/5 UNS S41427, NACE MR0175/ ISO15156, X2CrNiMoV13-5-2, X2CrNiMoV13-5-2, NORSOK M650 (110KSI) Enhanced 13%Cr steel with superior corrosion
resistance, strength and toughness
Click to download
PPT Hardening
Grade Related standards & specifications Summary of properties
FV520B BS5S100, 1.4594, X5CrNiMoCuNb14 Machinable corrosion resistant steel with freedom from distortion on heat treatment to high strengths
17/4PH H1150D UNS S17400, NACE MR0175/ ISO15156, ASTM A564, ISO 15156, W 1.4548 Improved corrosion resistant age hardening stainless steel with minimal distortion and scaling on heat treating after machining

Sizes, Tolerances and Rolling Reduction

Rolled Rounds

LIBERTY Steel is able to offer both metric and imperial sizes in the as-rolled or peeled/turned condition.


Min (mm) Max (mm) Min (in) Max (in)
25 381 1 15
Machining Tolerances

For ‘Machining Quality Bar’ to ASTM A29 tolerances the minimum machining allowance should be as follows.


Ordered Surface Condition Minimum Stock Removal
Peeled/Smooth Turned 1% per side
Black 1.6% per side
Minimum Rolling Reduction Ratios for Black bars


3ӯ 4ӯ 6ӯ 10ӯ 12ӯ
5.4t 52.6:1 29.6:1 13.1:1 4.7:1 3.2:1
6.6t 66.3:1 37.3:1 15.5:1 5.9:1 4:1

Other Forms

Top (mm) Bottom (mm) Length (mm) Weight (t)
Large Bloom Cast 560 400 6500-13000
Square ingot 653 490 2310 5.4
Square ingot 721 550 2285 6.6
Rolled slabs, width 100 500
Rolled slabs, Thickness 50 330
Top (in) Bottom (in) Length (in) Weight (short tonne)
Large Bloom Cast 22 153/4 256-512
Square ingot 253/4 191/4 91 5.9
Square ingot 283/8 2111/64 90 7.3
Rolled slabs, width 37/8 195/8
Rolled slabs, Thickness 2 127/8

Got a question?

We have a comprehensive technical support team available to advise on grade selection and product range to achieve the maximum benefit. Customer Technical support provide specialist advice and help with day-to-day problem solving.

Works based metallurgists and the full resources of our Steel Research and Development Laboratories are available to assist with longer-term developments.

For further information, enquiries or any technical guidance on our range of products please contact us.

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Can we help? Castings production tradition dates back to 1951. Long term experience in castings production is currently used for production of demanding grey iron and nodular iron castings for metallurgical and engineering companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. The operation unit includes also a pattern shop and scales treatment center. The unit obtained product certificates from Bureau Veritas for the entire product range and Lloyd's Register for grey iron and nodular iron castings with a piece weight up to 15 000 kg.

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