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  • March 6, 2024
  • Press Release

LIBERTY Galati to employ 100 apprentices in 2024

LIBERTY Galati, the largest national steel producer and a strategic company in Romania, is launching an apprenticeship programme which will this year hire 100 young people who will help transform the steel industry. The new program is launched in the context of the resumption of primary steel production at LIBERTY Galati, the restart of its blast furnace and the acceleration of the rolling mill activity to deliver high quality Romanian steel to the company’s customers.

Run under the umbrella of the GREENSTEEL Academy with the support of LIBERTY specialists, the apprenticeship programme will run for 18 months. The programme will include theoretical courses, training, mentoring and on-the-job practice for those wanting to learn current professions such as electricians, rollers, crane operators, locksmiths, lathe operators, steelworkers, foundrymen and furnace operators, as well as training for the professions of the future required by the GREENSTEEL transformation of the Galati company. The salary package includes, in addition to the basic salary, bonuses and benefits, medical services and protective equipment, meal and transport vouchers, as well as bonuses granted under the collective labour agreement.

LIBERTY Galati aims to become a carbon-neutral steel producer by 2030, and the role of new employees is to help make steelmaking a cleaner, greener, low-carbon industry.

Radu Ionescu, LIBERTY Galati’s General Manager, said: „The industry of the future is automated, digitalised and sustainable. At LIBERTY, we aim to be carbon neutral by the end of the decade, which is why we need the workforce of the future who can help create a sustainable industry. With the help of the GREENSTEEL Academy, we are investing in programmes to train new colleagues and develop our team in Galati, with the aim of producing the green steel the world will need for many years to come. We invite young people across Romania to join us in this mission, to grow and develop with the industry and advance their careers as they help decarbonise our world.”

Launched in 2014, the LIBERTY Galati apprenticeship programme aims to support the local technical education system and to attract new employees into the steel industry. The programme is dedicated to young high school and professional schools graduates and takes place in two stages. The first stage lasts six months and it is dedicated to training apprentices through their participation in technical and soft skills development sessions, such as: communication, teamwork and team building. The second stage is carried out over a period of 12 months, during which the apprentices become autonomous at their workplace, being helped by mentors and specialists from the relevant departments.

From 2014 to date, over 500 new colleagues have joined the company in apprenticeship and accelerated learning programmes, qualifying in electrical, mechanical and technical fields. The company has also created and strengthened partnerships with all the technical high schools and vocational schools in Galați and Brăila counties, including ‘Paul Dimo’ Technological High School, ‘Radu Negru’ National College, ‘Aurel Vlaicu’ Technological High School and ‘Costache Conachi’ Technological High School, under the umbrella of the GREENSTEEL Academy which aims to develop educational projects for the new generation and encourage young people to join the steel industry to contribute to the development of sustainable production methods.

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