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A leader in sustainable steel

LIBERTY Galati is the largest integrated steel producer in Romania, with a production capacity of 3 million tonnes of steel per year and is a key pillar of the Romanian economy. With a rich history – the company started producing steel more than 55 years ago – LIBERTY Galati now has ambitious plans to be the leading green steel supplier for Central and Eastern European countries. The company will invest up to 1bn Euro in its GREENSTEEL transformational plans as it aims to become carbon neutral by 2030.

1960 The decision to build a large steel factory in eastern Romania, with access to the Danube and the Black Sea, was made in July 1960. Galați was selected as the best place for such a complex production site and construction started in the second half of the year.
1963 The construction of the Heavy Plate Mill - the first significant production unit - began.
1965 The first rolling stand was installed and the first furnace went live.
1968 Integrated production began when all the components needed for steelmaking were installed and the first batch of steel came out of The Steel Melting Shop no.1.
1970-1980 The company was the largest steel producer in South Eastern Europe – in 1989 it produced 8.2 million tonnes of steel per annum.
1991 The plant was partially privatised by the Government and became a joint-stock company called Sidex Galați.
2001 The company was acquired from the Romanian Government by a Mittal Steel Company subsidiary.
2006 The plant was renamed ArcelorMittal Galați.
2019 LIBERTY acquired the company and another six plants across Europe.
2021 LIBERTY Galati reached very high production levels, with a total production volume of 2.35 million tonnes of liquid steel – the highest for more than a decade.
2030 By 2030 LIBERTY Steel Group aims to invest up to €1 billion in the LIBERTY Galati GREENSTEEL transformation plan. This plan is part of LIBERTY's strategic ambition to become a carbon-neutral steelmaker by transitioning from traditional blast furnace (BF) to hybrid electric arc furnaces (EAFs) while further reducing carbon emissions through the use of renewable electricity.