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  • June 3, 2020
  • Press Release

LIBERTY Galați steel now being fitted to the bridges over the Mureș River

The  steel produced by LIBERTY Galați is  being used in the  building of the new bridges over the Mureș river on a segment of the A10 Sebeș – Turda highway.

“We are proud that the heavy plate produced in our plant is proving itself a fundamental part  of a major infrastructure projects like this one. We are constantly looking for the best technical, logistical and commercial solutions which work for to our customers”, stated Bogdan Grecu, Chief Executive Officer of LIBERTY Galați.

Now, work is being carried out to build the 12 metallic beams that are part of the underpinning for the bridges over the Mureș river in Rădești and Sâncrai.

The bridges are part of second batch of the 70 kilometres of A10 highway, which will connect the A1 and A3 highways.

The metallic beams, made in Arad, weigh almost 115 tons each and are lifted with a heavyweight crane. Their fitting uses a special technology that involves less or no formwork.

For this project, LIBERTY Galați produced and delivered 3,500 tons of ultrasonic tested heavy plate, of 6 to 80 millimetres thickness, in no less than 320 formats.

The steel was contracted by AKTOR (the general co-contractor of the project) and is used by Retter company, the company which is building the bridges and other superstructure elements. AKTOR is the largest subsidiary of the Greek ELLAKTOR Group, having an international presence in 25 countries in construction, infrastructure, industrial and building projects, solar energy, quarries exploitation and project management.

“With more than 10 years of experience, Retter Group through their development, design, management and execution of infrastructure projects have been and are a competent and professional partner in implementing the specific conditions of infrastructure in Romania. LIBERTY Galați benefited from their expertise and commitment, all of which ended in a successful project”, said a Retter Group spokesperson.

Our customers have been impressed by our performance, both in terms of quality and of delivery, . The contracts were carried out without any issues.

The A10 highway is a project worth about 420 million Euros, 85% financed by European funds and 15% from the state budget.

The steel produced by LIBERTY Galați is currently being used used in several large infrastructure projects, including the Danube Bridge in Brăila.

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