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  • October 25, 2022
  • Press Release

GFG Foundation and Rewise Learning launch STEM education programme at LIBERTY Galati

GFG Foundation and Rewise Learning have officially launched a STEM-based education programme for students in the dual learning class at Paul Dimo High School. Students, parents and teachers as well as LIBERTY Galati mentors took part in a fun-filled event at the LIBERTY club on Friday.

At the event, GFG Foundation and Rewise organised a series of educational and engaging exercises aimed at igniting their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects through practical activities. For instance, students were set the challenge to design and build a car which students then raced against each other, allowing them to develop basic electrical, as well as teamwork and problem-solving skills. The teams with the fastest cars were awarded trophies in recognition of their success. Students also had the opportunity to learn more about GREENSTEEL and the environmental ambitions of LIBERTY Galati.

For the dual programme in Galati, GFG Foundation and Rewise have developed a programme that is endorsed by a UK qualification. The week-long module, to be delivered next spring, will focus on Motivation and Environmental Awareness. The programme is designed to encourage students to pursue STEM subjects and inspire them to become the next generation of Romania’s engineers and electricians.

Georgina Crumpton, General Manager GFG Alliance & GFG Foundation, stated at the event: “The launch is very exciting as it’s the first step in our GFG Foundation student programme. Romania and especially Galati need more experts in the STEM field and we are here to help young people train for future career opportunities. Together with our LIBERTY Galati specialists, and by investing in future generations, we support the electricians and engineers of tomorrow as well as in the local community. The programme we are developing with Rewise will enhance the dual learning programme for the students, improving teamwork and problem solving as well as confidence and communication.”

Nathan John, Founder and Managing Director of Rewise Learning Ltd, said: “Rewise Learning are proud to be creating a bespoke education programme for Romanian students that will complement the dual learning programme at Paul Dimo High School. The initial first stage of the programme will focus on personal development, confidence and the environment. Learners will take part in a week of hands-on activities that explore topics such as, environmental awareness, net zero and how the steel industry is introducing new green technology to improve the environment and revolutionise the steelmaking process.”

The 21 students from the Paul Dimo Technical High School dual learning class are supported by the GFG Foundation and LIBERTY Galati with monthly scholarships and bespoke education programmes. Dual education combines the teaching of theoretical knowledge by teachers with practical activities carried out with the help of LIBERTY Galati mentors. During their internships at LIBERTY Galati, the students will learn in a workshop prepared especially for them and will receive protective and work equipment, transport, and food.

Founded by Sanjeev Gupta and his wife Nicola, the GFG Foundation is a charity that aims to develop education programmes that give young people insight into the industry through real-world experiences, while developing their confidence, communication and interpersonal skills. Founded in the UK in 2017 and launched in Romania in the summer of 2021, the GFG Foundation works with educational partners to help thousands of young people through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs to develop their entrepreneurial skills and to inspire them by introducing them to opportunities in their communities.

GFG Foundations’ partnership with Rewise Learning started in 2017 when the organization designed a bespoke education programme – Geared Up for STEM – to promote and inspire STEM learning for young people throughout Newport, South Wales. Rewise Learning is an award-winning UK creative learning and e-learning provider delivering educational services such as education projects, learning resources, and learning courses.

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