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Our Strategy

Pioneering GREENSTEEL through low carbon technologies

Our strategy is to create an economically sustainable business model for our industries which is profitable for the long term, allows for socially sustainable development in our local communities and is carbon neutral.

LIBERTY Steel believes that after years of decline, the steel industries in developed economies including the UK, Europe, the US and Australia, have the potential to thrive once again.

As a Group, we embrace change and are agile in what we do to create a future business that is Economically Sustainable, Socially Sustainable, Environmentally Sustainable.

Economically Sustainable

We transform businesses, helping them improve financial and operational performance, protecting jobs for the long term and creating value for all our stakeholders.

Operational improvement

We promote organic growth through investment and improved commercial and operational performance. We transform businesses by working with their teams to improve safety, reduce costs, boost output and get the full value for their production.

Scaling for success

Our strategy allows us to create the scale necessary for transformation and capitalise on the new opportunities created by GREENSTEEL at a critical time for the industry. It also helps us to serve local and regional markets, introducing flexible business models and opportunities for integration which create value across the supply chain.

The power of family

Being a core member of the GFG Alliance supports our businesses with central teams who can support commercial improvement, procurement scale and selling their products more efficiently.

Socially Sustainable

We are investing in talent and communities to drive an inclusive and sustainable future which works for all.

Health & Safety is our priority

Our commitment to Health & Safety underpins everything we do. We’re constantly working to extend our track record and continue improving the health and safety measures for all our people and promote overall wellbeing.

Supporting our local communities

LIBERTY Steel stands for a long-term commitment to the industry and jobs, reflecting the values of a family-owned company. We are determined that as part of our role in driving the low carbon transition, no community gets left behind. That’s why we’re investing in young people and communities and to create high-quality jobs, sustaining local suppliers, and forging meaningful partnerships to support local economies and promote an energy future that works for all.

Developing a pipeline of talent

As part of our GREENSTEEL initiatives, we’re investing in training to equip our people with the skills for the future and develop a pipeline of critical future talent.

Environmentally Sustainable

We get our businesses ready for the future by reducing emissions and helping them capitalise on growing customer demand for carbon neutral steel.

GREENSTEEL to support low carbon infrastructure

Our GREENSTEEL initiatives will help our customers to build the infrastructure needed for the low carbon transition.

Creating businesses ready for the low carbon transition

Through GREENSTEEL, energy efficiency programmes, switching to renewable power and installing new electric arc furnaces, we help our businesses to reduce emissions, create cleaner products and ensure their commercial viability in a low-carbon economy, supporting GFG’s wider ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Customers’ success is our success

We see an opportunity to be more economically successful by helping our customers to achieve their sustainability targets.