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A Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant

The DRI process is both effective and flexible. The technology has a broad range of benefits that includes the following:

  • The process allows producers to use various hydrocarbon sources and off-gases making it an ideal technology to support the staged transition to hydrogen
  • It is proven to consistently produce high-quality metallised products
  • Any combination of products can be produced simultaneously such as hot or cold DRI, and Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)
  • The process is very tolerant of fluctuations
  • The plant can be idled over short or long periods.

Direct Iron Reduction Process


  1. DR pellets – the raw material – are fed into the reactor
  2. Hydrogen is the reducing gas and is circulated in a closed-loop system and then recycled.
  3. Hot-reducing gas flows through the iron ore, from the bottom to the top, according to the counterflow principle. Oxygen content in the iron ore is reduced and “direct reduced iron (DRI)” is produced.
  4. Direct Reduced iron (DRI) is pressed into Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI).