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Continuous improvement

LIBERTY Magona has a strong focus on continuous improvement. It has developed a culture which is responsive and flexible so is able to react quickly to changes in customer requirements and the wider business environment.

Over the last few years, LIBERTY Magona’s Progress Academy has developed a model of continuous improvement which involves employees at all levels and has created the basis for a corporate culture which encourages reaching and exceeding set objectives.

The new model, an evolution of the JIPM / TPM model launched at the LIBERTY Magona plant in October 1998, is based on the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodology and in particular on the PDCA cycle. This gives clear objectives for improving the level of safety during production activities, reducing the costs of production and improving our production performance in a continuous search for Qualitative Excellence in our products in respect to delivery times as well as proper attention to our environmental and sustainability responsbilities.

The Progress Academy department supports senior management on a methodological and regulatory level and carries out daily coaching and training activities at all levels of the organization. A fundamental activity is verifying the level of methodological application through a regular audit programme which actively involves the plant’s senior management.

Senior management also monitors these activities through a dashboard which is updated monthly as well as through regular, scheduled meetings which involve employees at all levels.