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Galvanized steel

LIBERTY Magona is able to produce a wide range of galvanized steel products, either by cold forming or deep drawing.


Our hot-dip galvanized steel strips are produced by a continuous process in which the steel is immersed in a bath containing molten zinc.

The zinc coating is applied in varying quantities, according to customers’ requirements, to confer the adequate protection against corrosion needed for its intended use. The particular composition of the metallic coating ensures the flexibility of the whole product during any subsequent processing.

Depending on customers’ requirements, the surface finish can be ‘bright type’ (not skinpassed) or skinpassed. This second process gives greater uniformity to the outer shell, while conferring a certain superficial roughness to the product.

Completing the protection against corrosion, other surface treatments can be added, including passivation (chromate-free), oiling or applying a higher level protection with antifungal products (also available in colored versions).

LIBERTY Magona galvanized steel can be used for a wide range of applications, both interior and exterior, for customers in industries such as automotive, construction and household appliances as well as industry in general.