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Sustainable development

For LIBERTY Magona safeguarding the environment has been at the forefront of our thinking for years. Providing environmentally-friendly working conditions and products continues to be one of our main business objectives.

LIBERTY Magona is part of LIBERTY Steel Group, which is seeking to transform steel manufacturing into a global product and technology leader through its GREENSTEEL strategies.



GREENSTEEL aims to recycle and upcycle the growing amount of scrap steel, using electric arc furnaces powered by renewable energy. Raw materials and resources are secured locally to make steel products that are sold both nationally and globally. High grade engineered steel and alloys from the process feed downstream operations that make advanced components for demanding sectors such as automotive, aerospace, marine, off-road and defence.

GREENSTEEL provides a more flexible and customer focused solution while also reducing the carbon footprint of manufacture, shortening the supply chain, retaining and upgrading skills, stimulating new technologies and engendering a sustainable and globally competitive metal manufacturing sector. LIBERTY is actively pursuing GREENSTEEL in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA whilst it is also developing plans for implementing the strategy globally.

For more information on the our vision for carbon neutral steel by 2030 here is a message from our Chairman, Sanjeev Gupta.