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Liberty Magona s.r.l. is the Italian market leader for flat galvanized and pre-painted products.
Founded in 1891 under the name ‘La Magona d’Italia’, it boasts nearly 130 years of history and experience in the coated  steels.

We offer a wide choice of hot-dip galvanized steels: for cold forming, for structural uses and with high elastic limit.
Coils with different types of temporary surface protection against corrosion: oiling, passivation, Galvaclear and Galvacolor and with a wide range of surface finishes (shiny or skin-passed), in various colors and brilliances.

Within the range of pre-painted LifeCoat® products, the customer will be able to find the answers to all his aesthetic (colors, finishes, brilliance) and functional (mechanical characteristics, durability over time) needs.

Furthermore, all our products are free of compounds containing hexavalent chromium, lead and other heavy metals (REACH and RoHS Directive).

We ensure sustainable development for health and safety of our employees and for the environmental.

It is thanks to the deep commitment and passion of our men and women, aimed at full and complete customer satisfaction and through continuous work on improving production processes and on innovation and sustainability of products, that we have become a point of reference of the Italian market in the production of galvanized and pre-painted steel.

About Liberty Magona