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Our History

The Company History

1920 – Rolling mill

The Piombino area has an ancient tradition of iron working. Our plant was founded in 1891 under the name of Società in Accomandita Semplice (Limited Partnership) Spranger e Ramsay, called La Magona d’Italia, which in March 1900 was transformed into Società Anonima (joint-stock/Limited company) with an initial capital of 3 million liras. It initially started to produce only products made of steel and tinplate by immersion, using English machinery and know-how.

The company expanded rapidly thanks to the high profits, delivered by its near monopolistic position in the market, and the further installation of a galvanizing and plumbing plant. La Magona started to focus on the production of flat and corrugated galvanized sheets and maintained a leadership position until the beginning of the Second World War, at the end it had to pay for its own reconstruction.

1954  – marked a radical change of working with the abandonment of primary steel production and the simultaneous development of cold production, using hot rolled steel strips produced elsewhere.

1964/65 – the installation of a modern galvanizing line and a continuous electrolytic tinning line marked the beginning of the company’s economic and productive reshaping.

1970s – a new line of continuous coating of tapes was joined by a second galvanizing line.

1980s – a second coating line and a continuous annealing line are installed.

1990s  – La Magona converts the annealing plant into a hot-dip galvanizing one, moves to continuous rolling operations, ceases its tinning activity and installs the fourth galvanizing plant. It also created some subsidiaries and affiliates such as Relp Acciai, Csar, Soflap, Smepp, Sis, Car and Magona International to support its distribution.

1998  – La Magona d’Italia joined the French group Usinor, leader in the European steel market.

2002 – La Magona’s parent, Usinor, merged with Aceralia to create the Arcelor Group.

2006 – the Arcelor Group formally became part of the first global steel group ArcelorMittal.

1 July 2019  – LIBERTY Steel acquired  the Piombino plant from ArcelorMittal. ArcelorMittal Piombino becomes LIBERTY Magona.