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Accommodation at the hotel “Kovák”

Address: Hotel Kovák
Vratimovská 142
707 02 Ostrava-Kunčice

The tram goes from the centre of Ostrava.

It takes about 20 minutes.

Rough scheme of arrival:

The toilet is available for every room, shower, fridge. Some rooms are equipped with cookers. The TV sets are in the suites, the TV set may be borrowed to other rooms at the reception.

Laundering and ironing is provided for longer accommodations.

The dining room is open on working days from 5:30 to 14:30 o´clock, buffet from 7:00 to 19:00 o´clock, on working days.

The conference hall is available for 100 persons. For important events the room may be equipped with audio-visual equipment, the projector, screen may be borrowed.

Smaller lounges and conference rooms are also available – approx. for 9 to 40 persons.

The housing facility with 282 beds serves primarily for longer accommodations, i.e. for workers from various companies.

The rooms have two beds – price is 140,- CZK/bed/day. Some rooms are single bed rooms, price is 180,- CZK/day. Also these rooms have separate toilets and showers. Every rooms is equipped with the cooked and fridge. If the guests have no own TV set, the TV set is available at the clubroom.

Hotel capacity is 369 beds (the hotel has 87 beds available and housing facilities with 282 beds).

Hotel offers:

– 2 double bed suites (2 rooms and kitchen) price 910,- CZK/night
– 4 double bed suites, 730, 910, – CZK/night
– standard double bed rooms, 530, 630,- CZK/night
– standard single bed rooms, 390,- CZK/night

Phone: 59 623 8207
59 568 3680
Fax 59 568 2576
E-mail: Contact email

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