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We give our continuous support to a wide range of non-profit community projects focused on improving life in our cities and in the whole region. We meet with representatives of the surrounding municipalities and cooperate with them on public welfare projects. We also listen to our employees, and when they have good ideas, we help make them reality.

Employee ZAME grants

Each employee who volunteers in the non-profit sector in their free time can apply for a ZAME grant for their organization to receive funding of up to CZK 30,000.


Company volunteering has become a common component of social responsibility strategies; it is clearly beneficial for all parties involved. A company provides the work, time and skills of its employees. The employees can themselves choose whom they want to help. In return, they learn something new, they break up their work routine and gain personal experience in the public non-profit sector. All of this helps develop their personal values and positive relationship with the employer. We care about the community and about the region where we operate. That is why in 2008 we were one of the first companies in the region of Ostrava to allow its employees to exchange a regular work shift for a shift helping a non-profit organization. Since then, we regularly “lend” our employees to those who need them.