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Technology is the future. Just like all other employers, we are seeking competent engineers, designers and other specialists in technical fields. There is a lack of them on the market and that is why we support interest in technical fields at all levels of education.

Cooperation with schools

In the field of education, we try to make all levels of technical, science and environmental education more attractive.

Every year, we organise an Open Door Week for primary school pupils with the aim of showing them that there is no need to fear technical subjects. We contribute to high school projects helping students gain practical and manual skills. We provide free professional internships to students, and also practical professional training to apprentices to help them gain practical skills under the supervision of professionals throughout the whole school year. We also welcome pupils and students on tours of our facilities to help them gain insight into our operations.

We enjoy long-term cooperation with the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava in the field of science and research. We focus on projects concerning ecology, new technology development and product quality improvement. Every year, we give a prize to the ten best students and select the best diploma thesis. We also support the VSB-TUO employment opportunities fair, the region’s largest.

Steel production for the general public

In 2015, we installed a permanent interactive exhibition focused on steel production at the Science and Technology Center in Dolní Vítkovice. Step by step, visitors learn how iron is made, how steel is then made from iron and transformed into the end product. The process is symbolised by a small tea spoon which the exhibition “graduates” take home as a souvenir.

We prepared a fun sample class in cooperation with the Science and Technology Center. The lesson was designed to motivate young people to study technical subjects, and focused on iron and steel production.