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Our employees form an essential part of our company. We understand that employee safety, health and also employee relations are crucial to our success. We keep an eye out for talented newcomers and develop their skills sets. Colleagues who have been with us for a while have our ear, and we educate and take care of them. We want every individual to feel respected and to have the opportunity to develop their potential.


The health and safety of our employees always comes first. Work in a steel mill is demanding and requires a high level of concentration; both in the production halls and also while navigating the two hundred kilometres of rails and fifty kilometres of roads that make up the steel mill complex. That’s why we prepare a variety of activities throughout the year to draw the attention of employees to potential threats. This helps keep the workers from developing a lackadaisical attitude towards workplace safety. Because we all want to return home safe and sound.

Employee development

Our employees are our top priority and that’s why we take good care of them and develop their skills. Employees can choose from a wide range of training programs. In addition to professional courses, they can also attend language e-learning programs, take PC courses, develop their managerial skills, attend seminars on occupational safety, and a wide range of other topics.

Supporting women

We champion the increased engagement of women in technical fields and support female graduates who are interested in finding work in the field. Despite the fact that the steel industry in usually not perceived as a field with wide opportunities for women, our company aims to demonstrate that that really needn’t be the case.
Industrial automation and a whole range of positions which do not require hard physical labor have opened the door to women and provided them with the opportunity to establish themselves in this traditionally male-dominated industry.


Good health is a key factor in quality of life. A healthy lifestyle with good dietary habits, physical fitness and good personal habits, such as quitting smoking, prevents many illnesses. We strive to create a healthy work environment for our employees and do our utmost to contribute to their health and well-being.
We organise targeted rehabilitation programs to improve the health of our employees, including specialised rehabilitation for employees performing hazardous work, and also provide corrective and restorative sojourns. The employee cafeteria serves as a convenient purchase point for employees to buy sports or fitness passes, as well as spa and vitamin packages.

Union relations

We maintain high-quality and fair long-term relationships with our employees and the trade unions that represent them.