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Steel Plant

The Steel Plant is the largest steel producer in the Czech Republic. Steel is made by the oxygen process in 4 tandem furnaces with a production capacity of over 3 million tonnes a year. After tapping, the steel is finished to target parameters for casting in specialized equipment for out-of-furnace processing, i.e. in ladle furnaces.

The steel is then homogenised, additionally alloyed to the exact chemical composition, heated to the appropriate casting temperature and desulphurized. The modification of inclusions is performed using filled profiles.

After this out-of-furnace processing, molten steel is sequentially cast on three continuous casters into billets, slabs or small slabs. All assortment of steel and concast slabs and billets meet the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000. The plant has long been certified to accredited EMS standards by auditor company RW TÜV according to EN ISO 14001. In 2003, the Czech Work Safety Office authorized Steel Plant to use a „Safe Plant“ designation.