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Thread bars

Threaded bar systems are a fast and safe solution in construction. Properly selected load-bearing capacity of the bars in combination with the final optimal weight of the structure guarantees a durable and reliable design solution. Threaded bars are a modern structural element for constructions in difficult geotechnical conditions and limited construction areas. Together with a suitably selected corrosion protection, they affect the final service life of the structure.
The production activities associated with the production of threaded bars are subject to an integrated Quality system that fully complies with EN ISO 9001 standard. Product quality certificates then guarantee reliable and sustainable results of threaded bars.

Types of Thread bars


Thread bars with right-hand thread 18 – 75 mm for geotechnical applications
Thread bars with left-hand thread 16 – 75 mm for geotechnical applications
Form tie bars 15 – 26.5 mm for the construction industry
Thread bars 16 – 28 mm intended for mining and tunneling
Rock bolts 18 , 5 – 31 mm designed for mining industry


Thread Bars
500, 550, 555, 670
Form Tie Bars Rock Bolts Thread Bars
for Marine Tie
1 2 3 4 5
Construction components for tunnels
Product Certifications
Certification Country Link to the document
OTB 500/550 Czech pdf
OTB 550/620 Czech pdf
OTB 670/800 Czech pdf
OTB 670/800, OTB 550/620 Poland pdf
OTB 500/550 France pdf
Swiss-GEWI Plus Switzerland pdf
Swis-Gewi OTB 500 Switzerland pdf
OTB500/550, St900/1100, GEWI 500 UK pdf
B500B D16-D32 mm Germany pdf
B500B (OTB500)D40, D50 mm Germany pdf
S555/700, D57,5, D63,5 Germany pdf
St900/1100 Germany pdf
OTB500/550 Slovakia pdf
OTB 670/800 Slovakia pdf
Technical Approvals
Technical Approvals Country Link to the document
B500B D16-D32 mm Germany pdf
B500B (OTB500)D40, D50 mm Germany pdf
S555/700, D57,5, D63,5 Germany pdf
St900/1100 Germany pdf
OTB 670, D18-75 mm Germany pdf
EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

DoP – Declaration of Performance
OTB 670/800 OTB 550/620

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