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The welding school offers courses aimed at obtaining, expanding or extending the validity of welding qualification for

welding worker, welder, and welder with a test as per ČSN EN 287-1.

The courses are offered for welding process 111(E), 135(M), 141(T) and 311(G). Basic, additional, and training courses, including the possibility of obtaining certificate as per ČSN EN 287 for fillet welds.

Also additional training and testing of welders from safety provisions as per ČSN 05 0610, ČSN 05 0630, ČSN 05 0650, welding courses as per ČSN EN 287-1, ČSN EN ISO 9606 – 2 (expanding or extending the validity of the certificate), ČSN EN 1418 and courses as per DIN (RW TÜV), API, preparation courses for hard soldering as per ČSN EN 13 133 and courses for higher welding personnel – European Welding Practitioner (EWP) in cooperation with the Czech Welding Institute (in Czech Český svářečský ústav s.r.o.).

  • courses for the “welding worker” qualification take one week
  • basic courses take four weeks, additional courses take three weeks
  • preparation courses for achieving the welder’s test as per ČSN EN 287-1 take three weeks and in case of extending the validity of the test (or expanding) the course takes one week


Robert Botur

t: +420 595 687 695

RNDr. Jiří Čech

t: +420 595 682 400

m: +420 724 777 777