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Protecting the Environment

“When we talk about steel, we must realize that steel is a fabric of life. Steel can be recycled endlessly without impacting the environment. We all acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment, not only because the development of the steel industry depends on the efficient management of resources, but also because protecting the environment is essential to our lives now and for our future generations.

Our team is heavily involved in continuously improving the environmental performance, carrying out various prevention activities: monitoring the quality of the environmental factors (air, water, soil), managing waste and hazardous substances, setting up trainings meant to raise awareness and to improve the environmental protection activity at each and every working place. Of great help is the implementation and continuous improvement of the environment management system, which adds value in line with our customers’ demand.

We maintain an open dialogue with our interested stakeholders, inviting them to periodical communication sessions. Protecting the environment is not an obligation, but a responsibility of each one of us, both at our working place and at home. We take this responsibility seriously, not only for ourselves and our industrial activity, but also for the people to live around us and for our future generations.”

Mirela Dobrota, Head of the Environmental Protection Department, LIBERTY Galati

Extract from Security Report (10th Revision)
Environment Policy
Extract from the SEEVESCO inspection report - 2020