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Steel Road Barriers

Liberty Ostrava a.s.

manufactures 5 types of barriers, including single-sided and double-sided road barriers, bridge and parapet barriers and barriers with increased protection for motorcyclists, which make up more than 30 regularly used restraint systems. Over the last few years, it has been developed a number of new or innovated restraint systems. In addition to the design, the material from which the barriers are made is also being innovated, e.g. micro-alloyed steel is used, which has a higher strength and therefore enables to make the barriers thinner and up to 50% lighter. Thanks to the higher strength, the lighter barrier is just as safe and often achieves better parameters. The innovation of recent years is the “motorcycle” barrier, which is equipped with a lower beam. This prevents the motorcyclist from slipping beneath, which is often the cause of serious injuries, and at the same time mitigates the effects of the biker’s impact on the barrier in the event of an accident by absorbing part of his kinetic energy. In cooperation with the University of Zaragoza, Liberty Ostrava a.s. participated in the development of the SMART barrier with three types of built-in sensors that are able to evaluate the severity of the accident, and subsequently to create even SMARTER barriers, which in the event of an accident can also ensure the activation of a drone for recording and transmitting the current situation to rescue services.

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Dipl. Ing. Tomáš Hamalčík

t: +420 595 684 700