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Long products

Usage of steel bars and beams: Steel structures, lintels, electrical distribution poles, various engineering products, forgings, railings, staircase parts, stands and more.

Application of reinforcing steel: production of reinforcing nets and fittings for concrete reinforcement.
Use of wire rod: production of drawn wire, production of reinforcing nets, after cold drawing: fence panels, mesh, shopping trolleys, nails, fasteners, binding wires.

Special profiles: rails for light crane and mining lines, suspension rails, electromagnetic brake production and forklift production.

Steel bars

Hot-rolled round steel bars Ø 10 – 110 mm Hot-rolled steel flat bars of width 18 – 170 mm, thickness 5 – 60 mm Hot-rolled bars of L-section, equal-section hot-rolled 35×35 – 150×150 mm Hot-rolled bars of L-section mm


Hot rolled steel bars I IPN: 140, 160, 180, 200, 220 mm
Hot rolled steel bars IPE IPE: 140, 160, 180, 200, 220 mm
Hot rolled steel bars HEA / HEB (IPB, IPB) hot rolled HEA / HEB: 100, 120, 140 mm
Hot-rolled U-bars UN: 50,65,80,100,120,140,160,180,200,220 mm
Hot-rolled UE-bars UE: 80,100,120 mm

Special profiles

I155 steel rail for suspension tracks
Rails for mining and field rails 93/18 and 115/24
Crane rail JKL 55

Reinforcing steel

Steel bars for concrete reinforcement Ø 10 – 50 mm Steel ribbed wire for production of concrete bars Ø 6-10 mm

Rolled wire

Ø 5.5 – 14.0 mm

Thread bars

Thread bars 15 – 26.5 mm for the construction industry
Thread bars with right-hand thread 18 – 75 mm for geotechnical applications
Thread bars with left-hand thread 16 – 75 mm for geotechnical applications
Thread bars 16 – 28 mm intended for mining industry
Rock bolts 18 , 5 – 31 mm designed for mining industry

Cast semi-finished products

Square 115, 130, 160, 180 mm
Round 160, 200, 270, 350, 400 mm

Ribbed Reinforcing Steels in Bars PDF(2.87MB) PDFdisplay
Special Reinforcing Bars PDF(427.21kB) PDFdisplay
Cold Stretched Rebar in Coils PDF(503.95kB) PDFdisplay
Wire Rod PDF(701.15kB) PDFdisplay
Continuous Cast Round Billets PDF(591.76kB) PDFdisplay
Weathering Steels PDF(467.24kB) PDFdisplay
Liberty Ostrava Sections and Merchant Bars PDF(1.43MB) PDFdisplay


Steel bars, Beams

Ing. Lucie Tesarčíková

t: + 420 595 684 546

Special profiles

Dipl. Ing. Tomáš Hamalčík

t: +420 595 684 700

Threaded rods

Ing. René Pelánek, Ph.D., MBA

t: +420 595 685 305

Reinforcing steel

Ing. René Pelánek, Ph.D., MBA

t: +420 595 685 305