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Castings production tradition dates back to 1951. Long term experience in castings production is currently used for production of demanding grey iron and nodular iron castings for metallurgical and engineering companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. The operation unit includes also a pattern shop and scales treatment center. The unit obtained product certificates from Bureau Veritas for the entire product range and Lloyd’s Register for grey iron and nodular iron castings with a piece weight up to 15 000 kg.

Grey iron and nodular iron castings

Moulds and accessories, stands, beds of machine tools, tables, base plates, fixing plates, pressing tools, gearbox housings, flywheels, gears and chain wheels, pulleys, fittings, mandrels, elbows, weights, etc. Grey iron and nodular iron castings are made by uniform technological process of manual molding into frames and to the ground (coffers) using forming mixture based on furan resins and are heat-treated – e.g. annealing to remove stresses.

Pattern equipment – Pattern Shop

The Pattern Shop provides production of pattern equipment with dimensions up to 2 000 x 2 400 x 4 500 and Ø 3 000 mm made from wood, resin or plastics for the needs of the company´s foundry as well as for external customers. Workmanship of models in class H3, H2, H1 as per ČSN EN 12890. In case of more demanding requirements of the customer we also cooperate with partnership pattern shops.

Castings are supplied according to the requirements of our customers
  • In the crude form
  • Heat-treated
  • Machined
  • With basic coating
  • Conserved
  • Free loaded (without packing)
  • On pallets or otherwise packed
Transport is ensured
  • By railway
  • By trucks
  • By special transport
  • By shipping
Material quality documents
  • Chemical analysis certificates
  • Mechanical properties certificates
  • Non-destructive testing – RTG, UT, magnetic method
Production parameters
Grey iron and nodular iron castings foundry
Cast materials Weight (kg)
hematite cast iron, treated steel-making hot metal 500 - 150 000
gray iron ČSN 422415, 422420, 422425, 422430, GG 15, GG 20, GG 25, GG 30 150 - 80 000
nodular iron ČSN 422304, 422305, 422306, 422307, GGG 40, GGG 50, GGG 60, GGG 70 150 - 25 000

Based on request of the customer we can produce even different qualities of cast iron, alloyed cast iron (e.g. Ni-Hard and other). We can also provide heat treatment for the castings.

Material quality documents
Gray iron castings ČSN 014470 level 4-5 DIN 1686 GTB 17-20
Nodular iron castings ČSN 014470 level 4-5 DIN 1685 GTB 17-20

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