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Sustainability Report 2022

We are very pleased to be able to share LIBERTY Steel Group’s first Sustainability Report, which outlines our plans to be an industry leader with an ambitious commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards across our operations worldwide.

Our Report highlights the importance of steel in society and outlines our roadmap to a sustainable future: showing how we manage our impact on the planet (Environmental); how we are empowering our colleagues and inspiring future generations (Social); and how we embed accountability, integrity and transparency into our structures and decision-making (Governance).

The Report also, for the first time, shows in detail our key global Environmental and Social performance metrics.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance Leads


Theuns Victor - Executive Director of the Chaiman’s Industrial Projects Office and LIBERTY’s Environmental lead.

“Our main challenge is the reliance of our industry on carbon as the main source of fuel. It makes steel manufacturing a carbon-intensive and hard-to-abate industry that has to transform to be sustainable. To learn more about our strategy in action please read our Sustainability Report.”

Denise Timns - Chief Human Resources Officer and LIBERTY’s Social lead.

“We are pushing for change to achieve a greener sector and future. However, inspiring leadership, a clear vision and strategy only get us so far. To learn more about how we are working together to achieve more, please read our Sustainability Report.”

Iain Hunter - Chief Governance Officer and LIBERTY’s Governance lead.

“Our ultimate goal, and the fundamental feature of a sustainable business, is to ensure the right decisions are made by the right people based on timely and accurate information. To learn more about how we will continuously evolve, develop, and mature please read our Sustainability Report.”