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Our foundry has been in operation since 1951 and is an indispensable player in the castings industry in Hungary.

Our melting plant is a 3.5 tonne capacity IHF-3 type arc furnace. Our castings are hand moulded with the most modern moulding aids. The cleaning of our castings is carried out with hand tools and grit cleaning equipment.

On request bt the customer, we will provide a certificate of chemical composition of the raw material and a report of mechanical testing. We can also carry out non-destructive tests (penetration, magnetic, ultrasound) on the parts.

Typical products

  • crane wheels
  • gearboxes
  • gear bodies
  • rope wheels
  • jaws and sheaths
  • mining castings
  • parts of railway switches
  • machine frames

Typically cast material grades   

  • Grey iron castings: EN-GJL-150/200/250
  • Non alloy steel castings: EN-GJS-450/500/550
  • Alloy cast steel: GS42CrMo4, AöX120Mn13, Aö20Mn6, G-X120Mn2, AöX40CrSi29



Foundry Technical Manager

Tamás Tihanyi

t: +36 25 582449

m: +36 30 9538833

Foundry Shop Manager

Sándor Szakács

t: +36 25 581832

m: +36 30 6318062