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Heavy Plate Rolling Mill

This is the largest plant of the steelworks with halls covering a total area of over 20 hectares. This is where our flagship product, heavy plates, is made from steel cast in the COS machine (the steel mill).

The technical solutions applied in the Rolling Mill enable the production of many categories of sheets for the most diverse applications. Depending on their intended use, rolled sheets may be normalised, hardened or tempered. In order to obtain the appropriate strength properties, they may also be thermomechanically rolled to obtain the appropriate strength properties.

The production programme covers plates with thicknesses from 5 to 120 mm, including special plates.

Two independent cutting lines allow us to produce sheets with both standard and customised dimensions, according to individual customer requirements.

Elements of the production process

  • Pusher furnaces for batch heating
  • Rolling mill line – 3600 m
    • vertical duo roll cage
    • quarto roll cage
    • quarto roll finishing cage with hydraulic automatic roll setting control system (HGC) and roll bending system (WRB)
  • MULPIC technology for accelerated band cooling
  • Normalizing oven of roller type
  • Two cutting lines
  • Heat treatment department
    • reheating furnace (austenitizing)
    • quenching press
    • tempering furnace
    • plate heat treatment line – 3 slide-out furnaces and hardening bath
    • anti-corrosion protection line