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Cold Rolled Precision Strip

Bimetal Steel Strip

We are an established producer of bimetallic/bimetal steel strip, developed to provide a saw blade with the teeth possessing the hardness and wear resistance of high speed steel, and the back having the toughness, fatigue resistance and weldability of a medium carbon alloy steel. Our bimetal brand of steel strip is well known as Trident Gold Label.

The bimetallic method of manufacture offers a unique advantage over non-composite strip in that it permits the differing properties required in the cutting edge and supporting back to be accurately achieved by heat treatment of the toothed blade as a whole. This results in blades with uniform depth of tooth hardening and exact properties, whilst the relatively small proportion of edge material enables the use of more exotic grades of high speed steel than would be practical with a non-composite strip.

In addition to offering this material in sizes suited to band saw applications, bimetallic strip is also available in holesaw, power hacksaw, hand hacksaw and reciprocating saw sizes. The high quality special alloy backing material is also available as a cold rolled backing strip to independent manufacturers of bimetallic composite products.

Cold Rolled Precision Steel Strip

LIBERTY Performance Steels is a leading manufacturer of a unique, specialised range of precision cold rolled steel strip from 0.15 – 8.00mm in thickness. The business has particular expertise in the provision of cold rolled steel strip to satisfy the demands of high-volume component manufacture to the automotive, aerospace and pressing sectors including: medical fixtures, high-quality sintered-bearings and many other security and safety-related applications.

Cold rolled steel is a product which is produced from a hot rolled strip that has been pickled. With a quality reputation for forming and deep drawing capabilities, steel strip is used within a variety of common domestic and industrial applications. Applications where steel strip is often present include: knife blades, hacksaw blades, spring fastenings and components and precision pressed, drawn and formed parts for automobiles, domestic appliances and electrical equipment.

Cold rolling is carried out on mills fitted with automatic gauge controls. The annealing process, which is carefully adjusted, takes place in modern furnaces which facilitate the creation and imparting of uniformity and consistency. The process therefore results in superior structural and surface product characteristics. This same level of care is also present in our slitting methods, which produce strip with burr-free edges.

With state-of-the-art technology and the careful adaptation of production techniques, quality rolled strip can be produced with the capability to satisfy virtually any type of specialised requirement.

Automotive steel strip

In addition to the production of specialised steels, we also manufacture steel strip suitable for the automotive and transport industries, from steel tubes to axles, body panels to breaking systems and from castings to bonnet closure parts. LIBERTY Performance Steels manufactures cold rolled precision strip for automotive stampings.

Hardened & Tempered Steel Strip

Hardened steel is the name given to the final result of a piece of high carbon steel which has undergone heat treatment. Following this, a course of tempering is applied in order to toughen and improve the overall image of the steel. The course of heating and tempering is applied to the steel to aid its strength and ability to cope with the usage placed upon it within its market.

LIBERTY Performance Steels supply to internationally recognised manufacturers of hand tools, precision blades and springs worldwide.

Many of the company’s production methods are unique, or extensively adapted. Much of the equipment relating to the hardening and tempering process has been specially designed to produce the finest quality precision strip.

The business offers a range of surface finishes, colours, hardness and specialised edge profiles suitable for aesthetically critical products such as handsaw, bowsaw, trowel and other decorator’s tools.

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Steel Strip

LIBERTY Performance Steels is a leading manufacturer of specialised pinpoint carbide strip which has been designed to provide a 1.25% C material, ideally suited for the manufacture of the highest quality carbon metal cutting bandsaw blades. Our world famous product in this category is called Trident Pink Label.

Superior properties are achieved by a unique annealing method developed by JB & S Lees, which produces a consistent, fine pinpoint carbide size, compared with standard batch annealing. This specialist structure coupled with consistent hardness, offers significant benefits in the manufacture and use of both flexback and hardback bandsaw blades.

Through precise control of the manufacturing technique the company can offer saw blade manufacturers an optimum balance between cutter wear and freedom from burr when cutting the teeth; and maximum throughput speeds when hardening.

Finished blades benefit from excellent resistance to wear and tooth chipping, which provides improved cutting performance, and a low hardness drop adjacent to the butt welds, giving a significant improvement in fatigue life.

These factors have allowed LIBERTY Performance Steels to remain a significant force within the metal cutting steel strip market for over 50 years.

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