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Organizational Development


The On-Boarding programme is the corner stone of the integration strategy for new employees to our plant. It is designed as a 2 year programme dedicated to helping new employees increase their integration success.

We believe that the absence of a structured and well-implemented integration programme increases the chances for an employee not adapting and feeling demotivated, wasting financial resources as well as time invested in the recruitment and selection processes.

We know how important the integration process of new colleagues so newly joined colleagues become part of the On-Boarding programme, which is specifically dedicated to them and aims to facilitate their integration through a series of special actions and events: induction, plant visit, HR buddy, Yammer, HR communication session, “Meet my Department Head” and “Meet the COO/ CEO” sessions, training, ACT + Explore.

360° Feedback

360° Feedback is a soft skills assessment based on an objective view from colleagues, managers and coordinated team members. 360° Feedback provides the opportunity for self-assessment, thus the evaluation process carries out a full 360 degree circle.

The 360° Feedback is an on-line tool, developed inhouse by our HR Department in collaboration with Automation team, consisting of a behavioral competence questionnaire. The questionnaire is filled in by the subject of the 360° ​​analysis on the one hand (representing the self-assessment) and then by those whom the subject of the analysis chooses to invite to give them feedback.

The tool allows us to better understand the impact we have on others by conducting a compare and contrast exercise between how we perceive our own level of soft skills and how that same level is perceived by others.

The purpose of 360° Feedback is first and foremost personal development and providing support in building a professional development plan.


At LIBERTY Galați we approach six components of wellbeing: physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial, career & development.

In the world, over 1 billion people cannot do what they would like to in their daily lives because of the physical conditions they suffer from. Physical health is a key factor in terms of well-being and quality of life, and care for physical health should be a priority for each of us. LIBERTY Galați provides you with the free package of medical services offered through MedLife Hyperclinic. The package includes a wide range of free medical investigations that help you to prevent and monitor your physical health.

 Social relations work as a buffer in difficult times and even help us improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and lower stress levels. Studies show that those with little or no social relations risk developing a cardiovascular disease twice as much. Since social relations and connections with others are an important component of well-being, we are undertaking a series of actions to support people-to-people networking and interaction: sports competitions, LIBERTY Galați volunteer team, individual donations to children and families in need, holiday gifts for employee’s children, competitions and thematic contests.

Wellbeing is a mixture between the pleasure of what we do every day, the quality of friendships, financial security, health and the pride in contributing to the development of our community, however, each of us has its own definition of wellbeing. It is important to find the aspects that are important and valuable for us, to understand the interdependencies between them and to ensure that we do something about this.

Soft Skills Assesment

Employee development is a pre-requisite to stay competitive in the global marketplace. By having comprehensive assessment processes in place, we can measure critical competencies and take steps to address areas which need development. Soft skills-based assessment helps evaluate employees’ competency profile against the requirements for their jobs and identifies gaps which need improvement.

By having this assessment process put in place, LIBERTY Galaţi can effectively measure critical competencies and take steps to address any areas which may need development.

Soft skills assessment is performed through formal Assessment Centers which aim to observe behaviors in a controlled environment, through individual and group activities. The results consist of an individual profile which gives good insight into both someone’s current competency level and their potential to grow. The results consist of individual graph, individual report and People Fit Matrix position and are accompanied by feedback provided to the people assessed.

Soft skills assessment results can be the base of building a customized and detailed development plan that tackle the real development needs of individuals. Assessment may be used as part of recruitment and selection process, as part of training programs and as input of organizational changes decisions.

Performance Management

Effective organizational performance is based on individual and team performance, so the main purpose of our performance management process is to increase individual, team and organizational efficiency.

At LIBERTY Galaţi the performance management process is built on objectives. Yearly, each person included in the process will set individual performance objectives that derive from their team’s and Department’s objectives.

It is essential that objectives are set by mutual agreement, and not hierarchically, so the process starts with a frank and open dialogue between managers and their subordinates. Progress on the established targets is monitored constantly and assessed at end year.

Performance Management is a 4 stages process:

  1. Performance Planning
  2. Mid-Year Review
  3. Annual Assessment
  4. Continuous Feedback and Coaching

At the end of each year, during Annual Assessment, ratings from 1 to 5 for Performance and Potential are granted to each person included in the process.

Alongside Succession Planning, Development Planning and Talent Management, Performance Management is the cornerstone of Galati Plant People strategy.

ACT+Leadership Academy

The ACT+ Leadership Academy’s motto is “Preparing the leaders for tomorrow”. It is divided into three main programmes dedicated to different employees categories:

  • ACT+ Discovery is meant to teach new employees within their first 2 years in the company about problem solving tool and project management methodology, together with soft skills such as effective communication, initiative, people development, strategic thinking and teamwork. Their main task is to apply their learning through the solving of a real issue from a local department and then present their solution to the management.
  • ACT+ Transformer addresses the main challenges of managing people. It starts with the discovery of inner self (character, personality patterns and motivation) and continues with modules dealing with leadership styles, strategic thinking and change management as well as people development and coaching skills. During all these modules, each participant benefits from individual coaching sessions with trainers.
  • ACT+ Maestro is a training program dedicated to team leaders and those seen as future foremen and new entry foremen, as nominated in the Career Committees. the raining is made up of 6 modules starting with inner self discovery (personality, mindset, motivation triggers) and leading on to strategic thinking, communication, influencing, team organization and development and conflict management techniques.

Except for ACT+ Discovery, where nomination is mandatory for the new joinees (with University degree), nomination is made by Departments’ Career Committees. Depending on the number of nominees, we organize 1 or 2 sessions per year for each programme (15 participants per programme).


MAESTRO, a program dedicated to foremen, was launched in Galati, Romania in February 2015, in support of our transformation program and following signals received from departments on some discontent manifested among foremen. These complaints were mainly related to role and responsibilities, clarity in their job, financial motivations and career progression.

MAESTRO was one of the essential Human Resources programs and it was 100% aligned with company goals. It was essential that every structure and level in the company was aligned and actively involved in achieving the common objectives. We needed to have full support, buy in and involvement of our first managerial line during transformation, we wanted to better understand the needs and dissatisfaction reasons of foremen.

Achievements were on 3 main pillars:

  1. A system put in place to reward good performance and motivating package;
  2. Career Path and customized development;
  3. Increased visibility and Communication;

Growing Future

Further to the Career Committees, a pool of high potential people is identified on annual basis. Besides the high potential identified, they should also have a good sustainable performance.

Growing Future  is the program dedicated to such employees including a part for new nominees (for whom we organize soft competencies assessment center & feedback, teambuilding, survey and discussion on career) and a part for the re-nominated people  for whom we organize 360° assessments and feedbacks, as well as discussion on their careers and future expectations. The loop is closed by feedback to managers, prior to the Career Committees in autumn. Besides these steps that are part of our talent management process, we organize sessions with well known speakers on personal development and personal brand or intrapreneurship, as well as annual sessions with “Meet my COO”, events that are specially dedicated to high performers and high potential people.

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a project started in 2010 and in the context of lack of adaptability to transformation and sustainability with no real system to assess jobs and their complexity and impact in the business, this project represents the backbone of all HR transformation.  By this project we determined the added value of each job in the organization up to the foremen level, included.

The main deliverables are: job matrix on 7 levels (from L0 to L6), competency matrix and job families. It has a direct impact in creating an integrated HR system, providing clear views on performance, career, training and development, salary and motivation, organization effectiveness and recruitment.

In 2017 we started job evaluation for workers and we implemented the project in 2019 with focus on the  competencies needed for each job but also in the team, career path, polyvalence and appraisal system for workers.