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The Internship program was launched in 2012 in order to attract future specialists in the company

The Internship program is designed for students in all years of studies and for graduates and has been designed in four major lines:

– Summer School;

– Thematic Sessions;

– Traineeship;

– Visits.

In 2015, the program was extended with other events, such as Q&A – Ask the CEO, and HR Brunch sessions with the Human Resources Department.

Since 2012, over 1,000 students have participated in the Internship program.

“LIBERTY Galati is constantly looking for talented people who want to link their career to us, to our story, in which steel is produced with both strain and soul. This is an important opportunity to discover those with potential who want to learn more and to develop continuosly. For us, the ideal candidates have an analytical way of thinking, work well in a team, are sincere and passionate, have initiative and want to learn and become the best”,
Prasanta Mishra, Executive Director of LIBERTY Galați.

Summer School

The Summer School is the highlight of the Internship program, and it  lasts for two and a half months. The Summer School focuses on young people, students who are eager to experience, and in this respect, the company prepares relevant research topics and projects on the steel platform.

Students who choose to join the Summer School will have the chance to work in a challenging environment, along with mentors and specialists in the company. Also, throughout the Summer School, students are paid benefiting from all facilities offered to our employees. Students will learn practically by working on a project with real aplication on the steel platform. Furthermore, within the Summer School, the interns attend training sessions provided by our internal or external experts aiming to develop their soft skills that are so much needed to become fully professional.

After graduating the Summer School, the senior students will have the opportunity to remain in the company, third-year and fourth year students may chose to sign up for the Scholarship Program.

Since 2012, over 300 students from Galati, Iasi, Roman, Craiova, Bucharest, and Republic of Moldova have graduated the Summer School organized by LIBERTY Galati.

Thematic Sessions

The Thematic Sessions are short events dedicated to a field of activity from the steel platform. By attending these sessions, the students have the opportunity to visit the production area of ​​the plant, to interact with the company’s management and the current employees.

Since 2012, 11 thematic sessions were held on the steel platform, focusing on: human resources, automation, environment, digitization, health and safety, project management, heavy plate manufacturing, and a special session dedicated to Blast Furnace no. 5, the only blast furnace in Romania.



Through traineeship, the students have the chance to apply the theoretical information, on projects with applicability in the steel plant. During the traineeships, students have the opportynity to work on projects with mentors and specialists that can help them understand all plant processes. Also, throughout the traineeship sessions, students have limited responsibilities.

Q&A – Ask the CEO

Ask the CEO event is part of the company’s strategy of creating a bond with the educational environment in order to attract and train young specialists. Q&A sessions are short events that involve free discussions and debates between students and management related to the economic context, business, ambitions, future plans and development projects.

HR Brunch

It is a short event, however, with a major impact on students’ perceptions of human resources policies and the importance of human resources, the key to success in a business. During these sessions, the topics discussed are: organizational development, professional development, challenges regarding talent shortage, the criteria used to assess successful applicants, the requirements and the skills needed to get a job at LIBERTY Galati.