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Apprenticeship Program

In 2014, the Galaţi Steel Plant started an educational programme to attract new young workers and to support the local technical educational system. The School of Apprentices is a paid programme dedicated to young high school and professional schools graduates. It takes place over a period of 18 months, in two stages. The first stage lasts six months and it is dedicated to training apprentices through their participation in technical and soft  skills development sessions, such as: communication, teamwork and team building. The second stage is carried out over a period of 12 months, during which the apprentices become autonomous at their workplace. Throughout the school, the apprentices are helped by mentors from the relevant departments.

Since, the School of Apprentices has attracted more than 500 young people qualified in the electrical, mechanical and technical field. The company also continues to deepen partnerships with all technical high schools and professional schools in the local counties of Galaţi and Braila.

Applications for the Apprenticeship School can be made by phone at 0236.80.1088 / 0236.80.1117.