LIBERTY Steel Continental Europe

LIBERTY Steel in Europe produces a wide range of primary and engineered steel products from our plants located in the Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and North Macedonia.

These operations employ over 14,000 people across seven steelworks and five service centres and have a combined annual rolling capacity of ten million tonnes per annum.

The businesses supply steel products to sectors including construction and infrastructure, mining, automotive, aerospace, sustainable energy, industrial equipment, consumer products as well as white and yellow goods.

The European plants are part of LIBERTY’s integrated global steel offering with the scale to compete as part of an international organisation, while retaining the local autonomy and flexibility to optimise performance at each site and respond to dynamic customer needs.

By developing regional strengths, which reflect local resources and markets, the company is building a sustainable business which is integrated with a range of 7 downstream sectors.

4th Largest steel
manufacturer in Europe
14,000 People
10m Tonnes of annual
rolling capacity
7 Manufacturing and processing
operations across Europe

Our European businesses


LIBERTY Ostrava is the largest integrated steel mill in the Czech Republic. It produces more than 2 million tonnes of steel annually mainly for the construction and machinery manufacturing sectors.

The Ostrava steelworks is the country’s leading manufacturer of road safety barriers and tubes. In addition its home market, the facility supplies products to more than 40 countries.

LIBERTY Ostrava has 6,000 employees, ranking among the most important employers in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Thanks to the high standard level of sustainable production, the company manufactures its products with a minimum possible environmental impact.

It is also important partner of the city and the region in the sphere of education, culture and the non-profit sector.

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LIBERTY Galati, located in South-East Romania, is the largest integrated steel plant in the country and leader in manufacturing metallurgical products, with a current production capacity of 2 million tons of steel.

The facility produces a wide range of quality flat products (plates, coils, galvanized sheets and organic coated products) as well as welded tubular products and supplies, shipped across the Balkans, Europe and Romania. These are used in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, construction, pressure vessels, automotive and others. The welded tubular products delivered by the Galati plant are used for transporting oil, gas and other fluids.

LIBERTY Galati has 5,100 employees and 1,700 contractors, and is the biggest employer in Eastern Romania. Achieving a safe working environment for all employees and contractors is a top priority for the plant.

The unit focuses on improving the quality of products and services offered to customers, protecting the environment, and encouraging young people to join the local team.

LIBERTY Galati actively supports the local community with activities including sponsorship for medical and educational projects.

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LIBERTY Magona is a leading manufacturer of galvanized and pre-painted thin-rolled steel products in Europe.

Founded in 1891 and headquartered in Piombino, the business had been listed on Italian stock exchanges for almost a hundred years. On the 1st  July 2019 it became part of the LIBERTY Steel Group.

LIBERTY Magona has a production capacity of 700 thousand tons per year of galvanized and pre-painted steel, with more than 460 employees and with customers in Italy and in the world.

LIBERTY Magona is a key supplier to the construction, automotive, white goods and general manufacturing industries

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LIBERTY Liège-Dudelange

10 production lines on 3 sites and 2 countries – Dudelange site – Luxembourg, Tilleur site – Belgium, Flémalle site – Belgium

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LIBERTY Skpoje is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the Balkans offering Cold Rolled and Galvanized Coils & Sheets, as well as Pre-painted Coils mainly for the construction and the general manufacturing sectors. Supplying mainly the Balkans and South Eastern Europe, the plant’s cold rolling mill is among the biggest companies in Macedonia which currently employs more than 470 people.

Starting from hot-rolled coils as raw material, the business has all the equipment for pickling, rolling, annealing, coating and packing that enable the delivery of a high quality product to its customers.

The company’s operating philosophy is to produce safe and sustainable steel while also succeeding in providing a flexible and reliable service with a short lead time and excellent customer proximity.

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