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  • May 9, 2023
  • News

LIBERTY Ostrava‘s new road safety barriers are raising the bar

LIBERTY Ostrava, the leading manufacturer of safety steel road and bridge barriers in the Czech Republic, has successfully tested and launched two new types of steel barriers at H3 retention level. They have been launched to further improve passive safety, even as traffic density on roads and highways increases.

Both sets of barriers, which are designed to have as many identical parts as possible, were subjected to and passed a test which meant they had to survive the impact of a 16-tonne truck. The barriers have also been designed with the easiest possible assembly in mind, and in such a way that safety barriers with a different beam profile can be tested in the future while maintaining all other parts.

Jan Pudich, Director of flat product rolling mills and manager at LIBERTY Ostrava said: “We are very proud of these new barriers which incorporate some game-changing safety and fitting features for customers here in the Czech Republic and further afield. We have designed these barriers so that they are highly effective at improving safety but also so they are easy to install and replace – a win-win results for our customers and for those using our roads.”

The barriers have also passed a range of demanding certification tests, according to the EN 1317 standard, and are supplied with their Technical Conditions, assembly instructions and other documentation required by legislation.

LIBERTY Ostrava manufactures 33 separate retention systems  in total including five types of road safety barriers: single-sided and double-sided safety barriers; bridge and parapet barriers; and barriers with enhanced protection for motorcyclists. Over the last few years, the company has designed a number of new or innovated retention systems while the material of which its barriers are made is also being constantly innovated, including the use of micro-alloyed steel.

Technical specifications of the new barriers are as follows.

JS3A-2/H3-1 –  single-sided spacers with threaded bars, containment level H3, working width W6 and normalised dynamic deflection 1.9m

 OS3A-2/H3-1 – double-sided spacers with threaded bars, containment level H3, working width W5 and normalised dynamic deflection 1.0m (tested using 16 tonne truck).


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